Personalised Secret Message QR Code Cufflinks

100% British made high quality stainless steel cufflinks etched with your own personalised secret QR code.

The perfect gift for someone who loves gadgets and technology!

QR code means ‘Quick Response’ code and it’s a new way to scan and read information using a smart phone’s camera.

You provide us with text, anything from a secret message to your loved one, map coordinates, business card details or a link to a website/blog, the options are endless. We generate your unique, personalised Quick Response code and etch this onto the keyring. The recipient can then scan the QR code using their smart phone and read the secret message.

To see how easy it is to read QR codes, why not get out your phone and read the QR code on the first image? You will need a QR reader app on your phone, these are free and can be downloaded onto your smart phone by going to your app store and searching for "QR Code Scanner" or "QR Code Reader". Your phone must have a camera on your phone to use a QR code scanner.

100% High quality British stainless steel.


Secret message: Please provide your secret message in the dropdown menu to the right of this page. Maximum of 40 characters (including spaces) per cufflink.

Special location: Please provide the address of your chosen special location in the dropdown menu to the right. When the keyring is scanned, the location will be shown on a map on the sm

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Price: £48 [Item code: QR1]

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For more information on this product contact Sally quoting the item reference code.

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Personalised Secret Message QR Code Cufflinks